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Telemedicine is Easy with Sharecare

Image provided by Courtesy of National Cancer Institute

Use of Telemedicine by Sharecare is the answer to the restrictions that Covid 19 coronavirus has placed on us. COVID 19 has made it impossible for us to keep our doctors’ appointments in person now. is making it very easy to sign up and use their services. Fortunately, they are offering their services for free. Now, you don’t need to miss any consultations that you may need with any of your physicians.

Physicians who are not signed up to use Sharecare can do it very easily. Seems like their services are generally covered by insurance. Do check with your insurance company first.

What’s Telemedicine?

Telemedicine allows health care professionals to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients at a distance. They use telecommunications technology. Consequently, this approach has been through an amazing evolution in the last few weeks. Therefore, it’s becoming more and more important to us now that we’re dealing with COVID 19 Coronavirus pandemic. to the Rescue

During the COVID-19 pandemic, offers an efficient way for the medical profession to provide their patients with a safe and timely visit. They use a no-download, web-based, HIPAA-compliant telemedicine tool.

Now, if you need to consult with any of your doctors and they’re not set up with Sharecare yet, they can do it instantly. Sharecare offers self-service setup for same-day access and this includes training. Also, they have a web-based video that is available via desktop and mobile.


Telemedicine is Easy with Sharecare Examples

  • Remote Medical Diagnosis & Evaluation
  • Video Consultations with Specialists
  • Digital Transmission of Medical Imaging.

Day 81 Coronavirus Pandemic

 Day 81 Coronavirus Pandemic Update - Easter 2020 No congregants

Every day we learn more about what we need to do to help cope with the coronavirus pandemic. This is Day 81. It’s Easter. Masks are now recommended and social distancing is a must. Read about California Tap Room’s novel way of dealing with social distancing and still staying in business.

Happy Easter 2020

The Reverend Georges Nicoli celebrated Holy Thursday Mass by live streaming on Facebook. He had pictures of his parishioners taped to the empty Notre Dame de Lourdes Church in Bastia, Corsica, France.


A staggering 16.8 million Americans lost their jobs in just 3 weeks.

UK Prime Minister Update

British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, was moved out of intensive care at the London Hospital where he’s being treated for the virus.

Social Distancing is a Must

Governments warned that hard-won gains against the coronavirus pandemic was not be jeopardized by relaxing social distancing over the weekend regardless of Easter.

Masks Recommended for Urgent Care Workers

Under new orders by County Health officials in San Diego, food service, child care providers, and people who work in banks will be required to wear facial coverings while on the job beginning Monday. This includes county public transport workers employees who work in grocery stores, pharmacy, convenience stores, gas stations and restaurants.
Generally speaking, officials have urges but are not ordering everybody to wear some sort of fabric facial covering when leaving their homes.

Amazon is Hiring

Amazon has announced plans to hire a hundred thousand additional warehouse workers and drivers as a result of the huge increase of home shopping demands.

The Most Common Purchases Online

Here’s the list that most people have bought. New pets, junk food, exercise equipment, video games, inflatable jacuzzis, board games, puzzles, books, children’s toys, musical instruments, kitchen gadgets and online self improvement and self-help programs. Yes, everyone is looking to find ways to help reduce stress and anxiety .... wanting to lessen the effect of the uncertainty that we feel everyday.

Innovation at it’s Best

Coronavirus Innovative Trolley System

California Tap Room in North Park, San Diego is using a special device that is a kind of a trolley system that they are using to deliver pretzels and beer to customers at a safe distance that is 8 feet away.

The delivery device is made from an old oak drawer, the foot pedal, rope and party horns. This is what happens. When the customer come to pick up an order, they press on the foot pedal. This blows several party horns and alerts the staff. The server uses the wheel to slide the order from the counter window to the customer 8 feet away in 6 seconds.

Fans of the tap room’s trolley are calling it a genius on social media. In fact, the idea originated from boredom, says employee Nate Huckabone.

News and photographs taken from San Diego Union Tribune

Viruses Life Expectancy

Virus Life Expectancy varies inside as well as outside the body.

Virus Life Expectancy Inside the Body

Viruses and other microbial pathogens’ expectancy inside the body varies. They can live for days, weeks and maybe months inside the body. It depends on how quickly our immune system can get rid of them.

Virus Life Expectancy Outside the Body

The life expectancy of the viruses outside the body is equally varied.

Influenza Virus

Influenza Viruses

The influenza virus can survive on hard surfaces for 24 hours. It’s during that time that the influenza viruses are transferable to hands. They only survive for about 15 minutes on tissue and soft porous fabrics.



RhinoVirus - Common ColdThe Common Cold – Rhinovirus

The common cold that is caused by Rhinoviruses can survive on indoor non-porous surfaces. These surfaces could be stainless steel and ceramic tile. They remain virulent from hours up to more than a week. Typically, a much shorter time on porous surfaces like fabrics and tissues.

Coronavirus Coronavirus COVID 19

The coronavirus that causes COVID-19 is still a microbial mystery to us all. Recent studies suggest that it is infectious on metal surfaces for up to 4 hours, up to 24 hours on cardboard, and up to 2 to 3 days on plastic and stainless steel. Survival of these microbes on surfaces is only one aspect of concern.

These microbes pose an alternative threat of exposure because they can remain airborne for periods of time. As a result of that the appropriate etiquette for sneezing and coughing is imperative.

Social Distancing

Social distancing is very important as coronavirus is believed to be transported by droplets. This means that it may linger less in the air. Therefore, the most important recommendation is to stay six feet or more away from others. That way any potentially dangerous droplets that are discharged from an uncovered sneeze, cough or exhalations will land up on the ground or on surfaces that can be easily cleaned. That way they are harmless.

In conclusion, it’s very important to pay attention to social distancing for this very reason.

Helpful Hints on Relaxation Practice at Home

Relaxation Practice at Home

Go gently with Relaxation Practice at home

Here are some helpful hints on relaxation practice at home. You will really benefit from introducing a regular, consistent practice. Even though there is so much uncertainty in our world today, with literally, no way of being to anticipate what tomorrow holds, you will feel a whole lot better inside you by incorporating relaxation practice into your daily routines.

1 Decide on a time of Day

Be realistic about when relaxation can fit into your schedule. What I do, is wake up earlier in the morning, 20 minutes before the actual time I need to get out of bed and start my day. That way my daily relaxation practice is taken care of and I don’t need to think about it again for the day, unless I feel like devoting another 20 minutes to repeat it. Can you wake up your desired amount of time first thing in the morning?

Or how about turning off the TV a little earlier every night? This could be the second time you practive eliciting a relaxation response, or the first. What ever you prefer — simply find a time that works best for you.

And, if its a challenge to remembering to do it, how about setting a reminder on your phone?

2 Select How long you want to do the relaxation

What works for you? It may be different every day … or each time you do it in one day. Don’t set your goals to high and try an hour right from start, for instance. I advise 20 minutes, however, that too, may feel too long for you. Rather think about what length of time that works for you. It’s far better to start with a shorter time and be consistent with your practice, rather than attempting longer time, sporadically. Over time you may be able to feel comfortable with increasing the amount of time you practice.

3 Choose Your Place

Relaxation can be done anywhere. I suggest sitting in a chair, however you can choose to be on the floor, maybe using a cushion to sit on, laying in bed or on the sofa, or even outside. Do wear comfortable clothing. Also try to limit any distractions as much as possible. Anything like physical clutter or outside noise can be an issue. If you can, think about making a ‘dedicated space’ if you can.

4 Be Consistent

Keep at it. Once of the most important aspects and one that will provide you with the most benefit is consistency. Find a way to make your relaxation time into a daily habit. Now that we’re all asked to stay quarantined at home, it’s a perfect time to put it to practice. With the challenges we’re facing with Coronavirus COVID 19 it can be a valuable tool to to quiet the mind, reduce stress and anxiety, improve your mood, and even enhance your immune system, as research has shown. We all need whatever we can do to we all could use a protect ourselves from stress and illness.

4 Test out a Practice that is Right for You

Generally speaking you allow thoughts to come in and out of your mind, without judgment. However, relaxation techniques differ and there are many to choose from. Our stress management program offers eight different techniques to choose from. Aside from that, we also include a guided imagery selection, offer tools to help with positive thinking, simple advice on nutrition as well as a series of yoga stretches that you can easily do at home. The $129.00 program has now been reduced to $2.99

Tell your friends about it too.

Take advantage of this great offer. Life may not change but your attitude will!

Tiger at Bronx Zoo Positive for Coronavirus

Bronx Zoo Tiger Coronaviurs PositiveWe’ve just learned that a tiger at the Bronx Zoo has tested positive for the coronavirus. The zoo believes it to be the first known infection in an animal in the U.S.A or a tiger anywhere.

Nadia, a 4-year-old Malayan tiger as well as six other tigers and lions that have all fallen ill. They think a zoo employee who had coronavirus but wasn’t showing symptoms yet infected them. Symptoms appeared in the first animal on March 27. They are all  expected to recover.. 

Zoo officials are astonished. The director Jim Breheny said he hopes the finding can contribute to the global fight against coronavirus that causes COVID-19.  He went on to say, “Any kind of knowledge that we get on how it’s transmitted, how different species react to it, that knowledge somehow is going to provide a greater base resource for people.”

These coronavirus findings bring up new questions with regard to the transmission of the virus in animals. The U.S. Department of Agriculture says there are no known cases of the virus in U.S. pets or livestock.

Veterinarian Reports

Dr. Jane Rooney, a veterinarian and a USDA official, made a statement. She said that there doesn’t appear to be any evidence that suggests that animals can spread the corona virus to people or that they can be a source of the infection in the United States. 

On Sunday, the USDA said it’s not suggesting routine coronavirus testing of animals, in zoos or elsewhere, or of zoo employees. Rooney said USDA’s National Veterinary Services Laboratories have tested a small number of animals in the U.S. All those tests came back negative except Nadia’s. 

There have been a few reports outside the U.S. of pet dogs or cats that became infected with coronavirus after close contact with contagious people. There was a Hong Kong dog that tested positive for a low level of the pathogen in February/March. The authorities think that pet dogs and cats couldn’t pass the virus to human beings. Consequently, they indicate it’s possible for the animals to test positive if they are exposed by their owners, . 

The American Veterinary Medical Association and the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have recommended that people ill with the coronavirus ought to limit contact with animals.

Animal Testing for Corona Virus

Dr. Paul Calle, the zoo’s chief veterinarian reported that Nadia, her sister Azul, two Amur tigers and three African lions all developed dry coughs. Some of them suffered with wheezing and loss of appetite. A coronavirus test was performed on only Nadia, the tiger. This is because it takes anesthesia to get a sample from a big cat.  They were reluctant to do that again. Unfortunately, in order to be examined,  they had to knock Nadia out once before.

Dr. Paul Calle, Bronx Zoo chief veterinarian posted on Facebook and said; “The COVID-19 testing that was performed on our Malayan tiger Nadia was performed in a veterinary school laboratory and is not the same test as is used for people. You cannot send human samples to the veterinary laboratory, and you cannot send animal tests to the human laboratories, so there is no competition for testing between these very different situations.”

Information provided by


The American Spirit is Alive and Well


Corona Virus - Help for elderly
Humanity at its Best

It’s really inspiring to see how humanity can be at its absolute best when things are at their absolute worst.
Every day we hear about random acts of kindness. This is in spite of the number of Corona Virus COVID 19 illnesses and deaths that continue to increase.  As a result,  ‘shelter in place’ is the name of the game for many more people. Consequently, this is the case, here in San Diego.

My ‘shopping angel’ is a blessing. She makes a weekly grocery run for me. I hear from my friends. Many are making surgical masks.  I belong to several volunteer organizations. Members call to find out how I’m doing and if I need anything. What a blessing. San Diegans are really doing what they can to help.

Social media has blown up with corona virus warnings, informational videos and stories about neighborhood heroes stepping up.

Brooklyn, New York Posted Flier on a Pole

One particular post touched the hearts of many. A handwritten flier was posted on a pole in New York City’s Brooklyn borough that said:

“To elderly neighbors and those with compromised health: If you need help or don’t feel safe going to busy stores right now, your neighbors are here to help! We are happy to help with grocery store or pharmacy runs for you. Stay healthy + safe.”

There are so many people who even though they understand the severity of this challenging and dangerous pandemic, yet they are still willing to put themselves out on the line for the sake of others.

Being the eternal optimist, these actions encourage me and show me that we are there for each other in the face of trouble. Throughout history we have seen our world come together when there are people that need someone to be there for them. I’m thrilled to see that compassion is still alive and well today.

As an ‘alien USA immigrant’ of 40 years now, I was unaware until now, that at the end of World War II, Americans were proud to be the first nation in recorded history to ever have a plan, called the Marshall Plan, to resuscitate the vanquished as well as the victors. We Americans did not exact tribute from the vanquished; we gave them and our allies, a helping hand. We stood proud as the nations of the world reacted in wonder at our generosity and compassion. We were indeed a great nation. And we still are.

Albert Romano – An Act of Kindness

Albert Romano,  a retired San Diego State University math teacher shared his story with San Diego Union Tribune.

He writes ….. “And once again, in the twilight of my life, I have witnessed the true American spirit of generosity, kindness and warmth. I witnessed it the other day …. at Vons on Murphy Canyon Drive where I picked up the allowed two dozen eggs and two packages of meat.”

“The store was not crowded, but there was a nice complement of customers who quietly went about their shopping. The customers were courteous and patient. There were no recriminations about the empty shelves. People politely passed each other in the aisles, and some assisted others when the shelves were too high. There were thank you’s and pleasantries. It felt like the 1930s and 1940s. It felt good.”

“Then, when I went to check out, I saw the long lines in the aisles leading to the cashiers and I believe I muttered, ‘Wow, what long lines.'”

“As I started to go to get in line, a young woman who was apparently just starting to place her groceries onto the checkout counter offered me what I thought was permission to check out in front of her.”

“I was confused at first and then I accepted her offer and I thanked her. But instead of letting me get in front of her, she took my groceries and put them onto the counter alongside her own groceries. It turned out that she paid for my groceries. I thanked her again.”

“I’m so glad to see this American spirit alive and active. We are blessed.”

Easing Anxiety & Stress with Meditation

Easing Anxiety and Stress with Meditation is a very important topic. Since we are all dealing with daily stress, its good to learn certain techniques on how to deal with what you are going through. Accept that you cannot control everything around you. Think about meditating,  taking time out, so simply taking deep breaths.

Here’s an interesting article in The Khaleej Times that I thought I would share with you. It is from past research in earlier studies which still apply today.

Researchers found moderate evidence to support the use of mindfulness meditation to treat anxiety, mental stress, depression and pain.  They used data from 47 earlier studies.

Easing Anxiety & Stress with Meditation - stone memorial

In an email to Reuters Health, Dr. Madhav Goyal who led the study at The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, wrote “Many people have the idea that meditation means just sitting quietly and doing nothing.  That is not true. It is an active training of the mind to increase awareness, and different meditation programs approach this in different ways.”

Dr. Madhav Goyal and his colleagues wrote in JAMA Internal Medicine that meditation techniques emphasize mindfulness as well as concentration.

Mindfulness meditation is aimed at allowing the mind to pay attention to whatever thoughts enter it. This can be sounds in the environment, however, without becoming too focused on it.
Mantra meditation, on the other hand, involves focusing concentration on a particular word or sound.

Nationa Institutes of Health Research

According to the National Institutes of Health, in 2007, about 9% of people in the US reported meditating. About 1% said they use meditation as some sort of treatment or medicine.

Researchers, for their new report- searched several electronic databases that catalog medical research for trials that randomly assigned people with a certain condition— such as anxiety, depression or pain— to do meditation or another activity. These randomized controlled trials are considered the gold standard of medical research.

The researchers found 47 studies with over 3,500 participants that met their criteria. After combining the data, Dr Goyal said his team found between a 5 and 10% improvement in anxiety symptoms among people who took part in mindfulness meditation, compared to those who did another activity. There was also about a 10 to 20% improvement in symptoms of depression among those who practiced mindfulness meditation, compared to the other group.

Dr Goyal said, “This is similar to the effects that other studies have found for the use of antidepressants in similar populations. Clinicians should be prepared to talk with their patients about the role that meditation programs could have in addressing psychological stress, particularly when symptoms are mild.”

Harvard Medical School Comments

Dr. Allan Goroll, is a professor at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. He wrote an editorial accompanying the new study, and told Reuters Health the analysis is an example of an area of much-needed scientific study, because many people make treatment decisions based on beliefs.

Dr Allan Goroll wrote; “People should remember that meditation was not conceived to treat any particular health problem, rather, it is a path we travel on to increase our awareness & gain insight into our lives. The best reason to meditate is to gain this insight. Improvements in health conditions are really a side benefit, and it’s best to think of them that way.”

So…turn off the TV and computer, put down your phone and clear your mind when meditating. According to the research, it can help you to relax!

How to Beat Stress

Being a single mom with two kids, one of them a teenager with a busy schedule, the other an 11 year old who thinks she is 16, as well as trying to get to the gym daily before work and having a second job, three days a week…can be extremely stressful!

But, I have found that the key to successful stress management is to keep a mild, healthy degree of stress in your life, in intermittent amounts. It sounds crazy, but that’s how our brain works.

Relieving Stress

Relieving Stress

WD heart health expert Michelle Albert, MD. ,explains that stress sets off a surge of hormones, like adrenaline & cortisol, in your body. Elevated levels of these hormones can harm your heart because they raise your blood pressure and cause inflammation.  So it’s important to develop ways to cope when life becomes tense.

Each of us respond to stress in our own ways, so experiment with techniques that may help bring  balance in your life, and learn what works best for you. Most importantly, what I have learnt through trying to de-stress, is to make time for yourself.

This quick list helps me to manage stress in my daily life. I thought that I would share it with you.

Get away from the noise
Visualize yourself in a tranquil place
Gain control of your breathing
Repeat a helpful or inspiring quote or word
Use your imagination
Laugh a lot
Cry because you can

See problems as opportunities
Don’t take anything  personally
It’s not a perfect world out there
Push away negative thoughts
Control yourself! Not others
Smile. When you do, you feel better
Be yourself

Eat healthy foods
Cook more often
Practice yoga
Get a massage
Take a nap
Listen to soothing music.
Get enough sleep.
Take time out for yourself- Go for a walk, be in nature

I do and I feel great!

Acupuncture Works Wonders for Depression

I just read about this new study that acupuncture can help for depression. I thinks its amazing and so interesting that I had to share the trial resuls from Plos medicine.

girl with anxious face

By courtesy of:

A new study shows that acupuncture is just as effective as counseling in patients with moderate to severe depression.

The randomized controlled trial revealed that both treatments offered a statistically significant reduction of symptoms when added to typical treatment in patients with recurring bouts of depression at three months.

The trial was led by Hugh MacPherson, Ph.D., University of York in the United Kingdom. The investigators of the trail said, “We have provided evidence that acupuncture versus usual care, and counseling versus usual care are both associated with a significant reduction in symptoms of depression in the short to medium term, and are not associated with serious adverse events.”

According to the researchers, up to 60% of patients with depression have an inadequate response to antidepressants, and 30% do not stick to their medication regimen.  They also note that there is a growing patient demand for non-pharmacologic treatment options.

For the study, the investigators wanted to observe the clinical effectiveness of short sessions of either acupuncture or counseling compared with usual care for patients with moderate to severe depression in a primary care setting.

The randomized, controlled trial included 755 depressed patients who were randomly assigned to 1 of 3 study groups in a ratio of 2:2:1 to acupuncture plus usual care, counseling plus usual care, or usual care alone.

Study subjects received 12 weekly sessions of acupuncture plus usual care, 12 weekly sessions of counseling plus usual care, or usual care alone.

The results revealed that compared with standard care, there was a statistically significant reduction in mean depression scores at three months for acupuncture & counseling.

At 12 months, there was no significant difference between acupuncture and counseling compared with standard care.

The authors said, “To our knowledge, our study is the first to rigorously evaluate the clinical and economic impact of acupuncture & counseling for patients in primary care who are representative of those who continue to experience depression in primary care.”

They note that more research is needed to figure out the optimal treatment plan for acupuncture & counseling in patients with depression.

Hugh MacPherson comments, “Although these findings are encouraging, our study does not identify which aspects of acupuncture & counseling are likely to be most beneficial to patients, nor does it provide information about the effectiveness of acupuncture or counseling compared with usual care for patients with mild depression.”

Boost your Health with Probiotics

A study shows that workers who take daily probiotics take less time off with common illnesses and stomach upsets.

Probiotics are products like yoghurt drinks that contain ‘friendly’ bacteria. It’s said that they promote good digestive health. To look at their impact, researchers in Sweden surveyed a group of employees taking L.reuteri, a common active ingredient of probiotics.

Boost your Health with Probiotics

A group of 181 staff, of whom 53 were shift workers and the rest day workers, was assigned to take a drink daily either with or without L.reuteri for 80 days.

23 out of 87 in the placebo group took sick days during this time, while only 10 of the 94 on L.reuteri did. The positive effect was most marked among the shift workers. None in the L.reuteri group took time off, while nine in the placebo group did. From the looks of this study, probiotics may be a simple way of promoting health.