How the Program Works

This is How it Works …. IT’S VERY EASY!


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How it works - you receive daily emails in your computer

The way it works is very simple:

We send you E-mails every day.

They are delivered directly into your browser INBOX.

We do this for 8 weeks.

Each week you receive a unique relaxation technique and guided imagery suggestion. And on the following days, you receive simple nutritional advice to follow, positive thinking suggestions, and a few yoga stretches to choose from.

Yes, each day you’ll receive easy-to-follow instruction on all 5 methods – relaxation, guided imagery, cognitive reframing, healthy nutritional guidelines, and a variety of simple yoga stretches that are easy to do at home.

Suggestion to Create a Folder

You can create a folder on your computer if you wish, a file of all the emails as they come in. Then you can review them in your own time, selecting the options that appeal to you. It gives you time to read the emails, think about the content, and then follow through with whatever your heart desires.

The 8 Week Program is packed with useful information that will guide you on what to do to help reduce your feelings of stress and anxiety during this time of uncertainty. We don’t know what tomorrow will hold. We can only stay present with what we have.

Social isolation is not easy. However, the good news is, it does give us time to be ‘at one’ with ourselves. It gives us time to take time for ourselves. Indulge yourself in using these ways to minimize the overwhelming feelings your experience.

  • Daily Emails
  • A Selection of relaxation exercises. You can take your pick. You may prefer some and not others. You’ll have 8 to choose from in the 8 weeks that you’ll be receiving daily emails.
  • Suggestions of how to use imagery for success. Athletes have used these types of techniques for years. They imagine the successful play
  • Positive self-talk instruction
  • A comprehensive introduction to yoga stretches
  • Nutrition tips to keep you healthy


Life may not change but your Attitude will!

“Man is still the most extraordinary computer of all.” – John Fitzgerald Kennedy

How it works - you read the suggestions and do what you like.