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Boost your Health with Probiotics

A study shows that workers who take daily probiotics take less time off with common illnesses and stomach upsets.

Probiotics are products like yoghurt drinks that contain ‘friendly’ bacteria. It’s said that they promote good digestive health. To look at their impact, researchers in Sweden surveyed a group of employees taking L.reuteri, a common active ingredient of probiotics.

Boost your Health with Probiotics

A group of 181 staff, of whom 53 were shift workers and the rest day workers, was assigned to take a drink daily either with or without L.reuteri for 80 days.

23 out of 87 in the placebo group took sick days during this time, while only 10 of the 94 on L.reuteri did. The positive effect was most marked among the shift workers. None in the L.reuteri group took time off, while nine in the placebo group did. From the looks of this study, probiotics may be a simple way of promoting health.