Imagery & Visualization

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Professional athletes have long recognized the importance of visualizing success through specialized techniques. The program’s visualization methods enhance your ability to control and reduce pain, to think clearly and creatively, as well as to maintain focus on your real goals.

The power of the mind to help influence the body in healing is quite extraordinary and sometimes seems unbelievable what can transpire with its powerful influence. Our online course provides you with information and guidance on doing a process called Guided Imagery, which is a proven process that will help your mind influence your body.

It is language of the mind.

Tap into your potential; achieve these goals by fully developing your mental and physical strengths. We provide you with clear, specific examples and guidelines to enhance your own self-directed path. You will learn how to overcome obstacles by using strategies developed by the clarity you develop through imagery techniques.

We are all familiar with the language of images in our experiences of daydreams and or night dreams. Actually, in everything we do, the mind processes through images. When we remember events from our past, think about the present or future, we use imagery.

We use imagery when we envision the sparkle of the sun on the ocean, a loved one’s face, the sounds of church bells, a favorite stream, birds singing, the pain of a past accident, the flavor of our favorite foods, the aroma of good cooking and the fun of a future vacation.

Guided Imagery is now being used in support groups and hospitals through out the nation.

Our methods are effective, simple, and easy to learn and do.

In a time of crisis, it is easy to use. It is a way of communicating with the parts of ourselves that does not speak in words. It is a language that the mind uses to talk to the body. With this language we send messages in the form of imagery directly to our bodies. These images encourage positive changes and a sense of well-being.


“I have realized the short-term benefits of daily practice and I look forward to the long-term advantages.

I am committed to continuing the practice.” — C.H.


Life won’t change but your Attitude will!