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Day 81 Coronavirus Pandemic

 Day 81 Coronavirus Pandemic Update - Easter 2020 No congregants

Every day we learn more about what we need to do to help cope with the coronavirus pandemic. This is Day 81. It’s Easter. Masks are now recommended and social distancing is a must. Read about California Tap Room’s novel way of dealing with social distancing and still staying in business.

Happy Easter 2020

The Reverend Georges Nicoli celebrated Holy Thursday Mass by live streaming on Facebook. He had pictures of his parishioners taped to the empty Notre Dame de Lourdes Church in Bastia, Corsica, France.


A staggering 16.8 million Americans lost their jobs in just 3 weeks.

UK Prime Minister Update

British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, was moved out of intensive care at the London Hospital where he’s being treated for the virus.

Social Distancing is a Must

Governments warned that hard-won gains against the coronavirus pandemic was not be jeopardized by relaxing social distancing over the weekend regardless of Easter.

Masks Recommended for Urgent Care Workers

Under new orders by County Health officials in San Diego, food service, child care providers, and people who work in banks will be required to wear facial coverings while on the job beginning Monday. This includes county public transport workers employees who work in grocery stores, pharmacy, convenience stores, gas stations and restaurants.
Generally speaking, officials have urges but are not ordering everybody to wear some sort of fabric facial covering when leaving their homes.

Amazon is Hiring

Amazon has announced plans to hire a hundred thousand additional warehouse workers and drivers as a result of the huge increase of home shopping demands.

The Most Common Purchases Online

Here’s the list that most people have bought. New pets, junk food, exercise equipment, video games, inflatable jacuzzis, board games, puzzles, books, children’s toys, musical instruments, kitchen gadgets and online self improvement and self-help programs. Yes, everyone is looking to find ways to help reduce stress and anxiety .... wanting to lessen the effect of the uncertainty that we feel everyday.

Innovation at it’s Best

Coronavirus Innovative Trolley System

California Tap Room in North Park, San Diego is using a special device that is a kind of a trolley system that they are using to deliver pretzels and beer to customers at a safe distance that is 8 feet away.

The delivery device is made from an old oak drawer, the foot pedal, rope and party horns. This is what happens. When the customer come to pick up an order, they press on the foot pedal. This blows several party horns and alerts the staff. The server uses the wheel to slide the order from the counter window to the customer 8 feet away in 6 seconds.

Fans of the tap room’s trolley are calling it a genius on social media. In fact, the idea originated from boredom, says employee Nate Huckabone.

News and photographs taken from San Diego Union Tribune