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The American Spirit is Alive and Well


Corona Virus - Help for elderly
Humanity at its Best

It’s really inspiring to see how humanity can be at its absolute best when things are at their absolute worst.
Every day we hear about random acts of kindness. This is in spite of the number of Corona Virus COVID 19 illnesses and deaths that continue to increase.  As a result,  ‘shelter in place’ is the name of the game for many more people. Consequently, this is the case, here in San Diego.

My ‘shopping angel’ is a blessing. She makes a weekly grocery run for me. I hear from my friends. Many are making surgical masks.  I belong to several volunteer organizations. Members call to find out how I’m doing and if I need anything. What a blessing. San Diegans are really doing what they can to help.

Social media has blown up with corona virus warnings, informational videos and stories about neighborhood heroes stepping up.

Brooklyn, New York Posted Flier on a Pole

One particular post touched the hearts of many. A handwritten flier was posted on a pole in New York City’s Brooklyn borough that said:

“To elderly neighbors and those with compromised health: If you need help or don’t feel safe going to busy stores right now, your neighbors are here to help! We are happy to help with grocery store or pharmacy runs for you. Stay healthy + safe.”

There are so many people who even though they understand the severity of this challenging and dangerous pandemic, yet they are still willing to put themselves out on the line for the sake of others.

Being the eternal optimist, these actions encourage me and show me that we are there for each other in the face of trouble. Throughout history we have seen our world come together when there are people that need someone to be there for them. I’m thrilled to see that compassion is still alive and well today.

As an ‘alien USA immigrant’ of 40 years now, I was unaware until now, that at the end of World War II, Americans were proud to be the first nation in recorded history to ever have a plan, called the Marshall Plan, to resuscitate the vanquished as well as the victors. We Americans did not exact tribute from the vanquished; we gave them and our allies, a helping hand. We stood proud as the nations of the world reacted in wonder at our generosity and compassion. We were indeed a great nation. And we still are.

Albert Romano – An Act of Kindness

Albert Romano,  a retired San Diego State University math teacher shared his story with San Diego Union Tribune.

He writes ….. “And once again, in the twilight of my life, I have witnessed the true American spirit of generosity, kindness and warmth. I witnessed it the other day …. at Vons on Murphy Canyon Drive where I picked up the allowed two dozen eggs and two packages of meat.”

“The store was not crowded, but there was a nice complement of customers who quietly went about their shopping. The customers were courteous and patient. There were no recriminations about the empty shelves. People politely passed each other in the aisles, and some assisted others when the shelves were too high. There were thank you’s and pleasantries. It felt like the 1930s and 1940s. It felt good.”

“Then, when I went to check out, I saw the long lines in the aisles leading to the cashiers and I believe I muttered, ‘Wow, what long lines.'”

“As I started to go to get in line, a young woman who was apparently just starting to place her groceries onto the checkout counter offered me what I thought was permission to check out in front of her.”

“I was confused at first and then I accepted her offer and I thanked her. But instead of letting me get in front of her, she took my groceries and put them onto the counter alongside her own groceries. It turned out that she paid for my groceries. I thanked her again.”

“I’m so glad to see this American spirit alive and active. We are blessed.”