Causes of Stress

According to Thomas H. Holmes and Richard H. Rahe, from the University of Washington, the main causes of stress arise due to the external environment. They studied the connection between certain important life events and the illnesses. As a part of that study they also compiled a list of main reasons of stress in the society. The 2006 reviewed list of 63 triggers include:money stress


    • Financial Problems

      This is the #1 source of stress today. Financial matters top the list of stressors. Debts pile up. Credit Card payments, mortgage installments, education costs, mounting expenditure on health concerns. Lack of money prevents you and your family from doing what you want to do.


    • Workplace Stress

      You may be worried about your next promotion.

      You might be facing the negative or bullying behavior of your boss.

      You may be under stress because of the prospect of losing your job.

      6 key stress factors include:Work Stress

      • Demands of the job
      • Management staff control over how you do your work
      • Lack of support or feedback from colleagues and superiors
      • Your relationship with your co-workers
      • Lack of training or understanding your responsibilities at work
      • Workplace and technological changes


    • Personal Stress

      Personal concerns are another top cause of stress. We all have an innate desire for control over our own life. When control is weak or missing in a given area, we experience stress.

      To some, a lack of control over their own time is a leading cause of stress. We want to decide when we do tasks around the home, or at work.

      Some are stressed from not enough sleep, no time to relax, and no time to discuss some nagging problems.

      We may be involved in legal proceedings that cause stress. We may be wrestling with a bad habit. We may be going through changes. Personal change of any kind can be a cause of stress.

      Family, as wonderful as each member may be, is also a leading cause of stress. The ebb and flow of family life is filled with stress. Arguments may erupt with a spouse or other family members. Parents divorce. Children marry. A child may move out or an aging parent may move in. A sick family member, a serious injury, pregnancy, miscarriage, or abortion all cause stress. Family changes of other kinds bring stress, too. Adoption, relocation, and job changes for just one family member can cause stress for all.


  • Health Stress

    • Stress is linked to obesity, and a desire to lose weight.
    • For some, the stress is a personal bad habit that affects health and must be changed. For example, smoking, abuse of alcohol or other drugs.
    • Illness or injury, whether less or more serious, can be a leading cause of stress for many people.
    • Incontinence can be an ongoing concern.
    • Personal health is more or less stressful according to the degree of seriousness and our personal outlook on health.

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