Testimonials Continued with Jenny Walsh Core Power Yoga Instructor

“I thought I would take a few minutes to drop you a line to let you know how pleased I was with your program. As you know I was very skeptical when my doctor suggested I participate in your program to aid in reducing and controlling my blood pressure. He was right and I was wrong.

I do not know what portion of your program has done me the most good. The exercises, while difficult and awkward at the start, have become easier and a part of my daily routine. Some minor aches and pains have gone away from the stretching.

Your help in nutrition has gotten me back on track and has allowed me to have better control of my glucose levels. Your relaxation and cognitive restructuring has been effective and seems to have reduces the daily stress of my job. Taken as a whole, the program has helped me gain more control of my life.

I feel better and more relaxed. Now, I sleep much better and have more energy during the entire day. Believe it or not, I have been able to reduce the amount of oral medication required to control my glucose levels. Thank you again for your help. I would recommend the program to anyone as a very positive experience that can have a major impact on how you feel about yourself and your life.”
–Charles N

“I would like to thank you for helping improve my overall health and well-being. When I first came to you a couple of years ago, I was suffering from allergies and asthma. I was using 2 inhalers a day plus a myriad of allergy medicine. The inhalers made me shake and often feel nervous.

Though I was taking the medication as prescribed, I was constantly getting sick. Now thanks to you I am off my inhalers and all other medication. I feel stronger and healthier than ever. The frequency I get sick has decreased. The supplements I take today, help improve my health daily. When I first found out I had asthma at the age of 21, I was devastated. Then, I was even more devastated to find I was required to take medication daily, just to breathe. Truthfully, I saw this medication as toxic and I did not take well to the side effects.

I was and am relieved to find a gentle way to treat asthma and free me of the inhalers. Again thank you!”
— Karin H

“When the program was recommended to me, I felt there was not much more I could learn about stress management. I had attended several workshops and classes before. Being a person who knows she can always learn something new, I made an appointment with you. I have severe and frequent headaches and had developed a nervous habit of digging at my cuticles. Both my thumbnails were cracked and ridged.

Right off, learning the relaxation response of quietly sitting and giving my mind a focus was much easier than I had expected. I started and ended each day with my breathing. After each counseling session and learning more information on stress reduction, I realized my fingernails had grown out smooth. The headaches had also lightened up considerably and my migraine medication was lowered to half the daily dose I was taking.

I have been able to share much of the program with my daughter, family and friends. It has also helped them reduce and manage the stress in their life. I highly recommend the program to all who could attend. It has been several weeks since my sessions have ended. I am still experiencing a significant reduction of stress upon completing the Program. Thank you, Pam, for teaching me how to incorporate the relaxation response into my life. You have been a blessing to me and my family.”
— Rosalie G


It took me a while to really appreciate what an influence my daily relaxation was having on the rest of my life. When I first started doing it, I would miss a day or two regularly. Then I found how much ‘better’ I felt on the days that I didn’t miss. So then I started doing it daily. My life has really changed since I started doing that.

I’m so happy that I finally got to doing it every day. I have never looked back!

Annabelle K


I thought yoga was for people who lived in India and chanted. Really, I didn’t know that all stretching exercises began with yoga. I love the instruction with this program. Its very simple and easy to understand. I like having the pictures as well as the written description. I have started doing just a few postures every day and I like the way my body feels since I have been doing that. Even the postures that were difficult to do, are becoming easier now. Thought it would never happen@

Jimmy H


The biggest change occurred in my life after I read the email about how much water to drink. I did not know that we needed so much water every day. I started to drink 8 glasses every day and my life changed! Couldn’t ever imagine that just by increasing my water intake, I would feel SO MUCH better. Thank you Pam, for pointing the way.

Eliza H


I have compiled a book in a 3 ring binder that has all the emails that you have sent me. There is A LOT of information. I didn’t realize that when I was just reading it casually every day. Now I go back and re-read it all. It makes the world of difference. Its just a gentle reminder that my life can be different. Its my ATTITUDE that has changed, just like you said. Thanks for a fabulous program. Well worth the money!

Conrad S


What a great program. I’ve tried to do this kind of stuff before. But Ii couldn’t stay with it. This program is so easy to read and follow through. I didn’t feel stressed out to stay with the program. Once I started doing the relaxation every day, I noticed the difference immediately. That was the turning point for me.

Evelyn Y


I highly recommend this program. It’s surprising to me that I still read the affirmation material and I am meditating every day now. The truth is that I never believed I could do it, but I have.

Morris J


Life won’t change but your Attitude will!