Dearest Readers …

Dr Pamela Nathan rescued me, with her ubiquitous love and genuine concern for mankind, by introducing me to the Stress Help Center Program in February.

She is a dear old spiritual soul friend! I contacted her and expressed that I found myself suffering from PTSD and had been from an 11 year verbally/emotionally abusive relationship. I did not know I was experiencing the effects of “trauma” with the destruction it brings.

I was blind sided and at a lowest of lows! My zest for life was gone, my self esteem felt stripped. I was living in a dark world of fear. Extreme opposite from my born blithe spirit and spontaneous discovering soul!

I had become a hermit, afraid to leave the house for years. Sinking in quick sand, the “tapes” of abuse would play over and over in my mind consistently through the years. This mental torture pushed me to a place of not wanting to be alive anymore.

After practicing the Stress Help Center techniques daily for over a week, I felt a release from the consuming chronic pain! An absolute miracle!

There was a strong, positive, huge lift in my mind, body and spirit.

I was experiencing freedom for the first time in years! The haunting replays of abusive circumstances in my thoughts had diminished!! REALLY!

With each passing day of meditation, yoga poses, reframing, guided imagery etc., my being felt once again renewed! Restoration of sanity -ha! I began sleeping again and have less fear.

I am more relaxed, productive, mentally alert/sharp, with a keener memory and easier decision making!! Life seems brighter, literally!

As logistics, finances and health issues are a serious reality, I am still living in this unhealthy environment. Now, I have a refuge and solace with the Stress Help Center techniques!

When anxiety or depression show up, I merely stop what I am doing, begin 4-7-8, alternate nostril and other breathing techniques, do energizing yoga poses, meditate etc. Bingo, I am back to center, refreshed and new!

I now have a daily morning routine although I often utilize other healing Stress Help Center tools such as imagery, focus solutions, colors for relaxation etc. You know, switch it up and feel a new perspective!

Consequently, other natural alternative healing doors have opened for me that have further augmented my trauma healing all because of Dr Pam’s astounding Stress Help Center program. Hence, it’s a whole new world!  Oh yes…  and I continue healing! Now, months later, I have moved closer to my goal of living back in freedom and happiness.

Dr Pamela Nathan and her Stress Help Center program are truly the only reason I have been able to accomplish this success!

This has been a most profound re-birthing for me, embellished with the blessing of empowerment!

My life changed, forever by eliciting the myriad of healing techniques! Now, I will always be able to enjoy the freedom from any of life’s stressors.

Pam Nathan, gave of herself to me! She gave me hope where I had none with zero prospects for release from living as a prisoner!

Above all, I now experience the vision of being happy, joyous and free again!

Dr Pam Nathan, literally, saved my life!!! She is the most uniquely multifaceted healing human being! There is not another to be found like her, anywhere! I’m blessed to know her and for the ultimate love she has given me!!

Esther Lizz Lee