“The structure of the Program, which includes transcendental meditation, visualization and cognitive restructuring activities, allows the patient opportunities to experiment with different stress management and decision making strategies and incorporate those techniques best suited to her individual nature into daily life.

Personally, I have realized the short-term benefits of daily meditation, and I look forward to the long-term advantages and am committed to continuing the practice. In addition, Pamela Nathan’s advice regarding nutrition and exercise reinforced my understanding of the necessity for balance and perspective in all that we do.”
–Cynthia H

“Through her I found inner strength within myself by focusing on the positive and not the negative. She also stresses how eating food regularly was so important to my physical, psychological and mental well being. Additionally, the daily writing of pages as she suggested has helped me get through life’s disappointments and I know that life is truly worth living again.”
–Lenore Margaret T

“I have really been through a number of emotional struggles in the last couple of months. It’s helped to have an anchor in using the program ideas and tools to bring balance to my life. There are some things in life I can’t change, but I can change the way I deal with them. Thanks for encouraging me with the tools to deal with life’s stresses.”
–Susan C

Bridge Photograph by Carly Nathan

“The program is essential to healing in today’s world. The program and process has provided to me the missing links of the ingredients and fabric of well being. The program has facilitated and internalized vital information in an easy to follow and understand, systematic approach. I highly recommend the program and feel that it has changed my life forever in a positive and uplifting manner. I feel like a new person, ready to live life fully and happily. I am at peace.”
–Debbie H

“After all the years major chronic illness and so many doctors, you were the only one who could figure out what was wrong and get me on the road to health. I feel better these days than I have in over ten years and I owe it all to you. Now I can live a happy, healthy life free of antibiotics and steroidal drugs! I am truly, truly lucky to have found you. Deepest thanks”
–Kathy O

“Oh healer with your personal touch, gentle guidance, and firm sensitive boundaries; you have helped me to heal. You have shared your soul and your wisdom; and shown me love. You make me glow, I am happy. I enjoy sharing with you. We connect with our insight and touch with a hug. You motivate me, celebrate with me, and are very special to me. You are one of my angels, a gift from god. Thank you Pam, I feel blessed.”
— Debbie K

“The program changed my life! I was very skeptical to start … I couldn’t imagine that simple techniques like this would make such a difference – it was hard at first, but the more I did the daily relaxation and yoga and that, it became easier and easier – I’m so glad I stuck with it.

My blood pressure stays down as long as I meditate every day – that’s a fact! Thank you”
–Frederic T

“Let me tell you that this stuff really works – I never believed, but it does! All I can say is that you just have to read it every day and follow what it says…that’s all. Believe me!”
–Lawrence W H

“The daily relaxation helped me the most, I liked the yoga – it was easy to do even though I have arthritis symptoms – and now some the pain has even gone away.”
–Otto M

“I bought Herbert Benson’s book and that really motivated me to look at the program again. I liked that they made it so easy to follow – I started doing the daily relaxation and wow, what a difference I felt – like the next day! Thanks so much .. you’ve changed a lot for me – I like that”
–Dottie M

“The fact that the emails came to my inbox every day was very convenient and so if I missed a day of reading, I did it the next day and it worked very well. The emails were very well written, I must admit – it was very easy to follow, as you promised. Thanks a lot – it has been very good for me”
–William M

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