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The program consists of 8 weeks of self-monitoring educational material covering all 5 modalities. Emails are delivered to your personal INBOX on a daily basis once you have placed your order.

The program includes:

  • Selection of 8 unique Relaxation Techniques
  • 8 Suggestions on how to use Guided Imagery and Visualization to change your world.
  • 8 emails of positive self-talk references to use on a daily basis
  • 8 weeks of illustrated easy yoga poses with commentary
  • 8 weeks of nutrition tips to keep you healthy and your weight well under control
  • 8 weeks of inspirational quotes

Additionally, send in 2 Complementary emails per week with ANY questions. They are answered promptly. They cover any part of the program that you may need help

Telephone consults are available by appointment only. Call 877 240-7528 M-F PST 10-4.

  • Beat stress & anxiety every day!
  • Enjoy a healthy way to reduce stress in all facets of your life
  • Relieve pressure from issues at work, at home, and at school instantly.
  • The program provides a break from everyday stress that is part of daily life.
  • Experience lasting effects & prevent symptoms of stress from affecting your body & mind in negative ways.